06 06-2017
A Tribute to Jens Risom

A Tribute to Jens Risom

Jens Risom made history with his modernism approaches for designing furniture.


     Jens Risom was a Danish born and trained designer who was one of the first to fuse Scandinavian and American styles. He was the first true Knoll designer. He first met Hans Knoll in New York in the early 1940’s and helped launch his company. His early collaborations with Knoll landed him worldwide recognition in the furniture and interior design industry.  Risom’s most well known for designing the Risom lounge chair made with parachute straps thrown away by the military.


(Risom Lounge Chair: Due to wartime material restrictions, the lounge chair was originally constructed of simple maple frames and discarded parachute webbing. Described as good, honest furniture, the collection helped establish Knoll as an early source of modern design in America. Sold by Knoll, in different colors and finishes for $1,025.)


     Jens Risom then continued designing through his own company, Jens Risom Designs and later had collaborations with Benchmark and Rocket who now have the rights to reissue his 1950’s and 1960’s furniture. Jens Risom Designs was once the third largest furniture company in America and his pieces are still very sought after today!


(Risom Stool: Sold by Knoll. Available in different colors and finishes. $441.)


(Risk Dining Table is available through Knoll. Available in different finishes. $1318.)


     In 2015 he released the Ven Storage Collection line with Design Within Reach. This collaboration solidified Risom’s mark on the last century of design and also speaks to the influence his legacy will have on the next generation. He continued to design up until his death in 2016, at over 100 years of age. He will be most remembered by his furniture creations that helped define the modernist aesthetic of the 20th century.


(Jens Risom table first appeared in the 1955 Jens Risom Design Inc. catalogoue. Available on jensrisom.com.)


(Tandem Seat and Table unit by Jens Risom.)


(Walnut double armoire from DWR’s Ven storage collection created by Jens Risom and Chris Hardy. $9,785.)

(Ven Storage System by Risom and Chris hardy for Design Within Reach.)