02 06-2017
Be Bold!

Be Bold!

Bright Beautiful Living Rooms!

You don’t have to be shy when picking out colors for your living room. Here some great pictures of bold living rooms that moves away from safe colors. Go ahead and take a risk and look at these beautiful, bright living rooms.

(This living room was designed by Patrick Mele. Patrick Mele used a denim like shade of blue grasscloth on the walls to add color and texture. It also enhances the silhouettes of the white accessories!)

(Bright Red is perfect for making a dramatic statement and will instantly add warmth to the room.)

(A bold splash of green is uplifting and has playfulness to it with out being too gaudy.) 

(This pastel purple is stunning! It adds a subtle charm to the living room that makes it inviting to guests.)

(Pick a bright pink piece of furniture to really add a pop of color!)

Are ready to be bold?