16 05-2017
Beautiful in Blue

Beautiful in Blue

There's a perfect shade of blue for everyone!

The primary color has evolved into multiple different shades and tones ranging from, warm and bold to pastel and soft.  Each shade should be incorporated into your home decor to spice it up!

Pastel Blue

No need to chase this blue away. A pastel blue is soft and gives off a sense of tranquility. This lovely shade is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.

Sapphire Blue

No need repaint the room, adding a simple furniture piece will bring your home decor to life! These plush and comfortable sapphire blue chairs make great statement pieces. 


Dusted Blue

If electric blue isn't suitable for your home try a dusty blue. This toned down color is soft and relaxing, and can transform any bland white wall into a rustic, classic living room.


This gorgeous shade of blue is a refreshing mix of blue and green giving it an energetic feel. This color is great for a bedroom or a kitchen when pursuing a beachlike vibe.


Chevron Blue

A delightful blend of blue and white chevron makes a great statement piece. This combination gives depth and energy to the kitchen without overpowering it. 

Muted Pastel Blue

A muted pastel isn’t as vibrant as a regular pastel. Despite its tone downed vibe, the color is elegant, but casual. Cover your hallway walls in this color with accents of pink and dusted yellow.

There are many ways to incorporate blue into your home decor, try one of these ideas and let the decorating begin!