11 05-2017
Bring The Beauty Of The Beach Into Your Home

Bring The Beauty Of The Beach Into Your Home

Bring the beauty of the beach into your home without the hassle of the sand.

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than incorporating elements of the beach into your home.


When thinking of the beach, the color turquoise automatically comes to mind. Turquoise is calming and nautical, a perfect representation of the ocean. Pair this color with a white wall to make it stand out.

A Pop of Orange

If you want to give your room a vibrant look, add a splash of orange with your blue interior.

Blue Glass Lamps

What better way to add a shine to your interior design than with a blue glass lamp! Check out Porto Romana’s elegant and colorful lamps to brighten your home!

Framed Photos

If you don’t have a view of the ocean from your balcony or front door, a framed photo of the shore will give your home a nautical feel without the mess of the sand. 

Blue Stripes

First worn by French sailors in the 19th century, the bold pattern allowed sailors to spot other sailors that fell overboard. Nowadays, this nautical and bold pattern is used in most beach interior decor. Add stripes of dark blue to give the room a mature and classy feel or use a pastel blue for a beautiful and relaxed vibe. Pair this pattern with gold home accessories to make it stand out!


Blue Mosaic 

Different shades of blue and white mosaic channels the beauty ocean floor when the sun shines through the water, giving it a beautiful reflection.

Which decor is your favorite?