10 05-2017
Designer fashion brands are taking over the world of housewares.

Designer fashion brands are taking over the world of housewares.

Fashion designers are entering the realm of interior designing.

Many fashion designers are increasingly stepping into the world of interior design and taking over! Take a look at some of my powerhouse favorite fashion designers and their furniture/home ware products.

1) D&G and SMEG joined forces to create Sicily is my Love, a truly Made in Italy product to create kitchen appliances that uncover an Italian story. It is definitely a Sicilian craftsmanship meets state of the art technology for all your kitchen needs. They are hand painted with Sicilian folklore interpretations and floral motifs!

(D&G/SMEG Kettle, Mixer and Espresso Machine.)

(D&G/SMEG Small Appliances.)

(D&G/SMEG Fridge.)

2)  Fendi is known for their famous collaborations with world-renowned interior designers and furniture makers, but this has to be one of their best pieces yet! Fendi collaborated with the Brazilian designer duo, Campana Brothers to create “The Armchair of Thousand Eyes.”

(Fendi for Campana Brothers Chair - The chair is made up of the Italian luxury fashion house’s trademark furry monster accessories, know as the bag bugs.)

3) Bottega Veneta entered the interior design industry in the early 2000’s and have been expanding their line ever since! Their products are made of luxurious leathers, different metals and a meticulous eye for detail.

(Bottega Veneta Library Table.)

(Bottega Veneta Floating Desk.) 

(Bottega Veneta Director’s Chair.)

(Bottega Veneta Reading Lamp.)

(Bottega Veneta Tray Table.) 

4) Italian luxury fashion brand, Marni, showcases a Columbian inspired furniture collection. Marni’s products feature their signature hand-woven PVC cord!

(Marni Penguin Sculpture in Blue.) 

(Marni Lounge Chairs.)

5) Missoni is one of the best representatives of fashion and design excellence around the world. With their Missoni Home line they influence many contemporary lifestyles with their multicolored aesthetic vision.

(Missoni Home Phrae Cushion.)

(Missoni Home Daniela Chair.)

(Missoni Home Simone Bedding.)

(Missoni Home Realize Cylinder.)

How do you feel about fashion designers entering the world of interior design?