17 11-2016
Fabulous Fabrics

Fabulous Fabrics

Established in 2003, Texture is privileged to have been a top choice for many designers, specifiers and architects around the world, due, in part, to the company’s customer-centric approach.

Texture is a New York-based éditeur and distributor of silk and linen fabrics to the home decorative industry. They are a family-owned company and fabrics have been in their blood for generations.

Established in 2003, Texture is privileged to have been a top choice for many designers, specifiers and architects around the world, due, in part, to the company’s customer-centric approach. Texture’s fabrics are sold worldwide and are recognized for their spectacular design, luxurious weaves and highest level of quality. Texture’s head designer, Ritu Tekriwal, has answered some questions for our Design Trade readers.

(The fabrics featured here are some of Texture’s embroidered fabrics. Minerva-Teal, which is draped over the chair, is silk. Pillows from top to bottom: Dedra-Lime and Sheila-Teal.)

Could you tell our readers some information about Texture we may not know?

We love fabrics and we love to work in a company that is all about creativity and luxury. New fabrics, new constructions, new patterns; Texture is a fun place to work. We also pride ourselves on our integrity and work ethic. We do our best to be problem preventers and we will do our utmost to resolve problems. We love our fabrics and hope you do, too. But if there are problems, contact us and we will fix it!

Could you tell us some of your favorite lines and/or collections?

One of our favorite collections is the newly launched Allure-Zen Collection. The fabrics are simple yet classy, and timeless with a touch of whimsy. The two-book collection consists of a book of upholstery fabrics; classic in colors with some innovative constructions. We also have a book of wide-width sheers; playful, lightweight and just fun. There is mix of linens, cottons and polyesters in this collection so each fabric is unique and usable!

(Allure’s Sala-Putty, pictured here, is an embroidered linen. The base is 100 percent linen and the embroidery is 100  percent cotton. Fabric Width: 54”.)

(Allure’s Sala sheer is also available in ecru. Made from 100 percent linen with cotton embroidery, it features a fabric width of 54 inches.)

Are any of your products green?

Many of the yarns used in the production of our fabrics are inherently green. For example, silk is a natural fiber because it is made by silk worms with no chemical-based synthetic processing. Linen is made from flax, a crop that requires very little pest-controlling chemicals. For other manmade yarns, Texture is proud to work with mills that are environmentally conscious and go beyond the local and industry-mandated conservation practices.

Have you encountered any unusual or memorable customization requests?

Texture can do so much in terms of customization! There have been instances where we have custom produced fabrics based on a designer’s drawings and color specifications. There are cases where a designer loves the construction of a fabric but wants to change colors to suit the specification. Texture has been able to accommodate special requests with low minimums and timely deliveries. The most memorable customization came from a designer for a well-known Las Vegas hotel. We custom ordered an exquisite silk fabric for the lobby with large scale embroidered butterflies and Swarovski crystals. The project came in under budget and the clients were happy with the finished product.

 In your opinion, what is the most innovative product Texture has created to date?

Hands down our most innovative fabric is pattern Flora. The colors were challenging since it has a fille de coupe construction and is 100% silk. Every time we changed one color, the whole pattern was affected. The final version involved over 50 physical fabric strike-offs! Flora Gold is the most popular as it has a very traditional Victorian look and feel. The pattern and color can practically fit into any traditional room. The pattern is unique yet versatile. We love everything about it and so do our clients.

Texture’s Nala-Cafe is a beautiful abstract animal print and the drapes are Texture’s Stacy pattern.)   

Does Texture have plans to launch any new product types?

Yes. In 2017, Texture will launch a sizeable collection of decorative tapes and bands. These tapes are more ornate than the ones currently available in the market. Texture tapes offer various constructions including, but not limited to, velvets, appliques, embroideries, sequins and studs on many different base fabrics, such as silks, cotton, satin and pure linen. The designs will include animal, abstract, damasks, geometrical and graphic patterns.

Are Texture’s textiles used more in commercial and hospitality installations or residential installations?

Texture is mostly used for residential installations, as our product tends to be ornate, luxurious and unique. That being said, because of our ability to customize, we have the capability to value-engineer even our own designs, including the ability to add flame-retardant and stain-resistance to our fabrics to meet the specifications of commercial projects. Many hotels have used our fabrics in their suites, restaurants and public areas.

Are there any famous commercial properties that our readers would know that have used your products?

Yes, to name a few, the St. Regis, Miami; Bellagio, Las Vegas; Wynn, Las Vegas; and the Broadmoor Hotel, Boulder, CO.

Who comes up with new patterns and designs? Where do they look for inspiration?

Our in-house design team in New York envisions new patterns, design concepts and colorways. We are always looking for inspiration, whether it is in nature, apparel, publications, Internet, etc. Many times inspiration comes when you least expect it. Inspiration can come from an ancient artifact, jewelry or even in a vintage rug while traveling in Turkey. You never know when inspiration will hit you, so you have to keep your eyes and mind open at all times!

(This collection of fabrics from the Victor Thomas Collection includes  Drapery fabric: Kumara-Gold and pillow fabrics left (top to bottom): Akitio-Gold, and Cytnhia-Lemon; pillow fabric middle (top to bottom) Norfolk-Ochre, Peria-Ochre, Eyre-Gold and Barrhill-Olive; and pillow fabric right (top to bottom): Kurow-Gold and Seddon-Ochre.)

Texture has launched two other brands, Allure and Victor Thomas. Can you tell us what sets these other brands apart from Texture?

When we started Texture, we specialized in natural fibers, such as silk, linen and cotton. It is high end, colorful and romantic. We realized with our expertise we could offer more than just Texture to our designers! To that end, in 2014 we introduced Allure.

With Allure we specialized in monochromatic, simple, easy to use patterns. Allure is different from Texture; ideal for the commercial job or for the minimalistic look. In 2016, we launched Victor Thomas. Our Victor Thomas brand offers the design community a similar style and sensibility found in our Texture brand; beautiful, ornate, elegant and colorful patterns at a value price.

(Bergen, by Allure Fabrics, comes in different colors and is a sheer polyester with a width of 110 inches.)

What are some of the challenges and triumphs you’ve faced launching Allure and Victor Thomas?

Launching a new brand takes extensive time, patience and is exhausting. It involves so much thought, effort and investment. We consider each brand our baby. We strive to do be better than the previous collection. One of challenges is educating our customers on the three brands we offer. There is so much fabric in the marketplace not everyone knows about all the brands we represent. But for the customers that know us, both the new brands, Victor Thomas and Allure, were instantly very well received. We continue to get endless praise for these brands from designers, architects, showrooms, our sales reps and the end customers. Subsequently all the time, effort and challenges have been very well worth it.

(Fabrics pictured here are from Victor Thomas created by Texture. Pictured are (top to bottom) Oxford-Bark, Picton, Omata, Drury and Akitio, all shown in the bark color way.)

What does the future hold for Texture?

Texture is growing and evolving. We are introducing some very exciting printed fabrics in the near future. These prints will be on sheers as well as upholstery weight fabrics. The patterns will vary in design, from abstract to geometrical, floral, damask, animal and more! We are also utilizing more natural fibers, including silks and linens. We had moved away from silk when yarn prices were unstable and expensive, and the economy was very price sensitive. We now feel that silk prices have stabilized. We feel there is always someone looking for silk!!