14 10-2016
Luxury Garages

Luxury Garages

Turning your garage into a living room or a modern showroom area is becoming all the craze.

Trending: Making your garage part of your luxury home.

Making your garage part of your home is becoming very popular! With evolving modern design and architecture, home garages have come a long way from just being a storage spot. These garages have become actual living spaces to show off some avid car lovers most prized possessions.

Modern car garage are becoming modern art galleries instead of dirty old sheds. They are looking more like your living room areas inside and guesthouse outside. These luxurious and affluent garages are housing man caves that are both stunning and classic on all accounts.

Here some of the most extravagant garages in the world!

(This garage has cherry wood walls and porcelain floors.)

(The Psychiko House in Athens built by Diversity Architects has a Marvel Comic Wall with a very modern feel to it.)

(At the Hamilton Towers in Singapore you can park your car inside the luxurious penthouse.)

(A house in Tokyo has a secret elevator that will lift a car directly into the living room.)

(This home in Washington was built with the Ferrari Garage and is perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing.)

(This house in Australia features its main living/game room overlooking its garage featuring walnut travertine floors. It has a fully functional bar with a wall of wine racks behind glazed doors and free standing island bench.)

(This Colorado estate’s garage was built by Vault, who specializes in making the finest garage accessories around the world.)

(This Connecticut home built by Rick Krug from TR Building & Remodeling used reclaimed chestnut and pine lumber for the walls and natural stone for the flooring.)

(Holger Schubert’s Minimalist Garage in Los Angeles won the Maserati and Architectural Digest’s Design Driven contest.)

How would you transform your garage?