08 05-2017
Perfect in Purple

Perfect in Purple

Best Ways To Incorporate Purple Into Your Home Decor

If you’re a purple-holic, then get ready to change your decor after reading this article! Since purple is the color of royalty, it only makes sense to add a splash of this luscious color into your home to give it a sense of class and sophistication!

Dark Purple

A deep and bold purple wall is simple and classy. This luxurious and bold color stands out among the muted white and gray colors. 



Purple and Blue

Purple and blue give off a warm and relaxed feel. This gorgeous color combination will give your bedroom and sense of peace and serenity, a great way to unwind after a stressful day.


Monochromatic Purple

A dusted purple and a deep, rich toned purple go perfectly together. The muted color wall gives off a relaxed feel, but the deep purple couch works as a vibrant and bold center piece.



Lovely Lavender

Lavender is a soft, whimsical and graceful shade of purple. To finish the look, pair this color with a vibrant pattern, like the checkered floor in the photo below.


Purple comes in a variety of beautiful shades and tones. Let us know which is your favorite?